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Manteo Middle School Essay = Donation to RITI

Elizabeth Writtenberry's 2nd place essay resulted in a $3000 donation to OBX Room In the Inn from the Fin Gaddy Foundation Giving All Year Long

By: Elisabeth Writtenberry

Many people can consider November and December as the season of giving. Most people think this because it’s christmas time and people give presents to family and friends. But there is actually a lot more to that. The season of giving is about helping others you may not know. It's about participating in your community. Some people give so much during the holiday season. I love to give in my community. If I had the opportunity to give three thousand dollars to my community, I would donate to Room In The Inn.

Room In The Inn is a non-profit organization that provides food and shelter to the homeless in the Outer Banks. But The Room In The Inn is only open from October through April, and there are no other shelters in the Outer Banks. There are so many people and families that are out on the streets year round. During the summer, many people put a tent up at the beach and spend the night. Many people have to hold signs asking for food and money. That’s why I would like to donate three thousand dollars to The Room In The Inn. I want to help them be open longer in the year, so that more people can get help.

I think that three thousand dollars could help the Room In The Inn be open longer in the year by helping with food and rent expenses. I think it could also help with paying the employees to stay on during the spring and summer. Three thousand dollars would also help with the extra expenses such as bedding, toiletries, and bills. With three thousand dollars, the Room In The Inn could help even more people!

I think that giving three thousand dollars to help The Room In The Inn will help the community by hopefully having less homeless people and families out on the streets. And if the Room In The Inn is open year round, it could help more people have a place to stay. If the Room In The Inn is open year round, then maybe one day the homeless people and families who walk through the doors of the shelter won't be homeless anymore.

Some people think November and December is the season of giving. I think that we should always give because there is always someone out there who needs help no matter what season it is. And even if you don’t know them, it takes four simple words to get to know them. Just walk up to them and say “Can I help you?”

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