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SECU Foundation Check Presentation for Capacity Building Grant

The OBX Room in the Inn was recently awarded a three-year capacity building grant from the SECU Foundation - the largest grant in the history of RITI. Since we were founded in 2009, we have been evolving from a grass-roots effort into a structured and professional non-profit organization, with programs and services to help improve the lives of homeless adults in need. This grant will serve as a needed impetus to continue to expand and grow our program in order to meet the needs of as many people as possible. The OBX Room in the Inn family remains intensely grateful for this opportunity given to us by the SECU Foundation and hopeful for our future.

Pictured Left to Right: Jim Conners (RITI Board Member), Helen Parlette (Advisory Board, Nags head), Gib Harrison (RITI Board Member), Bob Peele (RITI Board Member), Donald Weaver (Advisory Board, Nags Head), Caleb Fortune (SECU, Nags Head), Mike Jones (RITI Executive Director), Caitlin Duke (SECU Foundation), Chad Holloman (RITI Board Member, SECU Vice President), Becca Mulvaney (SECU Foundation), Lynda Wood, (RITI Board Member), Leigh Brinkley, (Advisory Board, Nags Head), Daniel Nobles (SECU Foundation), Carol Copeland (RITI Board Member), Amy White (SECU Manteo).

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